Summer Celebration DJane Robin Sterre & DJ QatWeazle

Live music by Floor & Tom

Dress to express !!!

Meet DJane Robin Sterre
~ A Dance Journey into Freedom exploring Self-Expression ~

DJane Robin Sterre brings an enchanting experience to the dance floor especially for Ecstatic Dance Twente. With her passion for music and dance, she invites you to consciously move your body into the music and step out of your comfort zone.

Her goal is to create an unforgettable dance journey in which emotions can be released, like the waves of the sea that take you on an inner journey, in which you are invited to dance with everything that lives within you and to express it.

Whether you are an experienced dancer or have never danced before, DJane Robin Sterre welcomes you to the dance floor. Her mission is to let you travel from lightness through the depths of your soul, and to inspire you to dance yourself: Free!  So let go of all expectations, let the music come in and let your body move to the rhythms. Discover your own unique and powerful self-expression in the dance, and celebrate life with sparkles! ️️

Meet DJ Qatweazle


DJ QatWeazle always has a surprise in store for you………

One time he takes you on a magical journey through Wonderland, the other time you experience a raw absurdist hurdle in which unbridgeable musical worlds follow and embrace each other at a rapid pace. From the start he plays from softness into a lift off that reach further than space in time.

This wizard of magic will take you on a musical journey you won’t forget. In addition to the rhythmic lifting sounds, he introduces you to frayed music: dance with your own demons and bring them to light. When the trip is over, you’ll be landed safe, fresh and reborn again within your own body, mind, spirit and soul.

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